Another update

Got a few things done today at the mall. Went to get the peanut’s passport photo done and it took 3 photographers about 30 minutes to get the shot. Aside from the fact that he was looking around all over the place, his chubby cheeks were casting a shadow that they just couldn’t get rid of. I do have to mention that this is one instance where his dear-in-the-headlights look came in handy.

Also shopped around a bit for a dress yo wear to the wedding next weekend. Found a couple cute and cheap thing but I didn’t buy anything.

And hubby bought me a bunch of clothes for my birthday.

We still have to go back to get he preshus’ passport photo I done, and mine as well, but not until I freshen up my twists because, damn. It’s looking like a rats nest up in here.


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