The day before

Today is the day before my birthday and I spent the day running myself ragged.  Went to the mall, had the preshus’ passport photos done, bought him a rollmg carry-on suitcase for the trip, and bought myself a backpak which will serve as my carry-on/diaper bag, and I found myself a georgeus blue dress to wear to the wedding on Saturday.

All that and I forgot to renew my licence plate sticker. Again. So it looks like I’ll be heading off to the mall on my birthday tomorrow to get that done. I’ll also look around for shoes and Jewellery to go with the dress. All of which I’ll all wear to one of the fancy dinners on the cruise. Maybe even a romantic dinner with the hubs!

Regarding Halloween, my baby sister bought the peanut a cute babana costume that middle sister picked out. And hubs has decided that he wants the preshus to be Batman, having changed his mind from pirate.  I think I’ll give him a day or two to change his mind again before I buy anything. Also, fingers crossed that the one pumpkin that grew in my garden makes it to pumpkin carving season. I’ll be really dissapointed if it gets eaten by critters before then like everything else did. I think I’m going to plant flowers next year instead.

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