Date Night, Skyfall, and a Giant Burrito

Did I mention that I went to see Skyfall with the hubs last weekend?


Well, it’s all about Date Night people! Date night and a mother who loves having her grandbabies over for sleepovers. Seriously, I don’t know why we haven’t sent them over there more often before this, but you can bet your ass we’ll be sending the kids for sleepovers at grandma’s house as often as we can! Because sleepovers at grandma’s means DATE NIGHT!!!!

This time around we went to Mucho Burritos for dinner. The hubs nearly took out two lanes of traffic getting us into the parking lot for this one. We almost drove right past it since we didn’t know it was there. And let me tell you how I’ve never seen a man so excited to eat a burrito before.

Then we went to go see Skyfall which was totally awesome!

I’m not a huge Bond fan, but I will watch the movies if “forced” to by the hubs. This was one I was glad to see. It had all the elements that we’ve come to expect from a Bond film, but in a modern way. Bad guys, good guys, Bond feeling his age (which is funny because, you know, he’s pretty much the same age in every. single. movie. But since this is Daniel Craig’s third Bond film they play on him getting too old for this kind of secret agent stuff. Then there’s the lovely and talented Naomie Harris who we all know and love from 28 Days Later and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Well, I love her from those movies. I want her hair and her awesome accent. She can play me in a movie about my life. The young and beautiful me. Angela Bassett will, of course, play the older more sophisticated me in the part of my life were I take over the world, but I digress.

Skyfall was action packed from the start, Naomie kicking ass as Eve right along side Mr. 007. Javier Bardem was as creepy as ever. And Dame Judi Dench, the epitome of classy (love her!) Start to finish this movie plays on all the classic Bond stereotypes, but doesn’t hit you over the head with them. It’s also full of fantastic action, some really big explosions, and 007 kicking some serious ass. The Bond Girls, the gadgets from “Q”, the politicians with the sticks up their butts, it’s all there.

I hear that this will be Craig’s last Bond film, for which I am truly sad. He’s moved up one spot in my “favourite Bond’s list”.

PreshusMe’s Fave Bond List (in order of classic hotness)

  1. Sean Connery (of course)
  2. Pierce Brosnan
  3. Daniel Craig
  4. Roger Moore

Whoever the new Bond will be will have some very handsome shoes to fill.


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