Christmas shopping… not for the faint of heart

I used to love Christmas shopping. But I think that was back when I actually had the TIME to leisurely stroll around a shopping mall multiple times a week during the months leading up to Christmas to get it done. I could comparison shop, scout items then come back for them, just generally enjoy the experience.

This year has sucked. Not only do I not have time to spend in a mall, but I can’t take the kids with me because they’re too hard to control in a busy mall setting, I couldn’t even start my shopping until last week because I had to make sure that the rent and daycare cheques cleared, money is that tight this year.

Also, I think that because of the budget lockdown of 2012, I’ve generally lost all ability to shop efficiently. I’m finding that I spend waaay too much time second guessing myself when trying to decide on what to buy. Always wondering if I’m getting the best deal. It’s all very stressful.

I was able to get out and get about 50% of the shopping done, but because I waited so long to get started, some of the things I wanted to get for people have already sold out! I miss the days of doing all my shopping online. Too late for that this year. I need to plan better next year. Of course, next year our finances will be better since the preshus starts all-day kindergarten in the fall.

Still, this year has sucked. And we still haven’t bought presents for the kids yet!


I has it.

On the good side, the turkey is in the fridge defrosting, so if nothing else, dinner 5 days from now will be teh awesomes 🙂

And, of course, our tree is up now which is nice. Shatterproof ornaments FTW!


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