How to shop Like A Boss this holiday season

This is how I’ve been doing most of my Christmas shopping this year. Of course it only works with merchants who subscribe to these programs, but most major retailers do which is completely handy for me.

shop like a boss

Part the first – Get ALL THE POINTS

  1. Log onto the Air miles website and enter through their “Shops” portal. From there, select the store you want to shop at. Most stores give you 1 air mile for every dollar you spend


Part the second – FREE SHIPPING IS MY JAM

  1. Shop your favourite store and take advantage of any online specials and free shipping. If the free shipping they offer is only above a certain dollar value, make up those last 2 or 3 dollars by buying yourself something pretty from the discount/discontinued bin. Also, make sure you plug in your merchant based points card. Get those points!


  1. Checkout using PayPal. They often run cash back promos and shop and win contests at this time of year.


Part the fourth – MOAR POINTS!

  1. Use your points-type credit card as the form of PayPal payment, and then pay off that balance with the cash you pre-saved for the purchase (that’s just common cents!)

What have you just done?

You’ve just racked up a bunch of Air Miles points, credit card points, store points, PayPal cash back or contest entries and received free shipping, all in one shopping transaction. Now tell me how shopping at an overcrowded mall is better? It’s not. This is better.

Shopping like a Boss for the WIN!


*Disclosure: none of these are affiliate links. It’s just how I shop, for reals.


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