I did a thing over at my good friend Alex’s blog. She doesn’t blog, but when she does she usually has some really funny and smart things to say. She also runs a business called Clippo* where she sells awesome accessories for kids. She’s basically awesome is what I’m trying to say here.

Right now she’s running a series on her blog where she has guest bloggers write about the small joys in their lives and she shares a new one every day.

Today is my day, so go check it out. I wrote about how I love to smell the peanut’s head. It’s a thing that makes me happy.
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*not an affiliate link, just a shameless plug, because Clippos are awesome. Especially the mitten ones and the soother ones and the everything ones that have saved many a mitten, soother and lovey at the preshusme household over the years. I also use one as my badge/key holder at work because it is pink and green and too pretty for me to let my boys destroy.

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