PreshusMe Holiday Gift Guide / Wish List ~ Things 5 & 6

And to wrap up my holiday gift guide / wish list / shopping thingie for 2014, I bring you things 5 & 6 of the things I would love to get for Christmas this year.

Thing 5 ~ A shiny new Epiphanie Camera Bag

epiphanieThe camera bag I have is the one I bought a hundred years ago when I bought my first SLR film camera (yes film!) and it looks like it’s straight outta 1998… because it is! Epiphanie bags are so lovely and pretty and colourful and completely droolworthy. I wants one.

Thing 6 – A Tripod

For my camera (obviously) because there are only so many places in our apartment where I can prop up our camera for family portraits, which I have yet to take of us because I don’t have a tripod! I would also like to take advantage of the fact that we live in a high-rise and I’d love to take some night shots and storm shots and sunset shots that all require slow shutter speeds. Yup. I need a tripod.

So, I hope you enjoyed my 2014 Christmas Wish List post. If you haven’t read them already, check out Things 1 & 2 and Things 3 & 4.

And HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all of you out there in blogland!


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