I read a lot.

I’m always reading something. Not having something to read (or listen to in my case as I’m a big believer in audiobooks) is like binge watching your favourite show, only to find yourself all caught up and waiting (im)patiently for next week’s episode to air. Except there are no more episodes, and you have to find yourself a whole new show to watch.

Fragments (Partials Sequence) by Dan WellsOr maybe it’s just me. Because I love my tv shows and movies just as much as I love reading a good book. And there’s nothing sadder for me, than to get to the end of a book that I’ve loved, and to have to find something else that I’ll love just as much.

Last week I came to the end of the Fragments (Partials Sequence) trilogy by Dan Wells. An excellent story and premise (that ended a little weakly, but I still loved it), I burned through all three books (plus one prequel) in a month. And while that’s probably not a speed reading record for me, it certainly is rare for me to find a series, a new to me series, that I enjoy so much.

Feed (Newsflesh) by Mira GrantNow I find myself at the end of the book Feed (Newsflesh) by Mira Grant and I’m just a happy little reader these days. I loved this book! It’s chock full of story elements that I love. It’s got social media, zombies, politics and humour all rolled up into one. It’s like a trifecta (superfecta?) of good storytelling, in my humble opinion.

So, if you like zombie end-of-the-world type stories, and are also a fan of House of Cards, you’ll like Feed.

*Amazon affiliate links have been included in this post. This is not a paid post, I just love sharing books I love, especially when zombies are involved.

4 thoughts on “I love it when I find a new book series to love (#Fragments #Feed)

    1. No zombies in fragments. The “bad guys” are a race of beings created by humans to fight a war for them and were treated like second class citizens when the war ended so they rebelled and are trying to wipe out the human race. It’s really good!

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