Letters to our Children – More hugs, more kisses…

This month I’m participating in a blog circle hosted by LaShawn over at Everyday Eyecandy where participants each write a letter to our children and post it on our blogs, linking them to the next person in the circle. At the end of the post, please feel free to click the link and visit the next person in the circle.
Share the love and enjoy the peek into our relationships with our children.



Dear peanut,

Last week you had a tough week at school. I know some school days can be difficult for you, but last week was particularly bad. One of your special helpers was away, and I was out of town, and I’m so sorry that both of those two things combined to throw off your daily routine.


As time goes on, I’m learning more and more about ASD and how to help you live a happy life, and I promise you that as you get older, and I get better, we’ll both be better equipped to help you get through tough times like this with fewer tantrums (yours) and fewer tears (mine).


Until that day, please know that I love you, and would (and will) do everything I can to help you regain your equilibrium over the coming days and weeks.


More hugs, more kisses,

Love momma.


Please visit the next blog in the circle ~ BernettaStyle.com~ http://bernettastyle.com/2015/10/letters-to-my-children-two-sons-one-theme.html


    1. I’m learning that more and more, especially with this child. His older brother also does well with consistency, but with the peanut, it can throw him off for days if something in his regular routine changes. Everything is just so much more intense with him. It’s hard to manage some days… but we’re working through it 🙂

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