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While I do love my Bullet Journal for the sheer flexibility of the system, I’ve been using the Passion Planner since October and I have found that it has given me some focus when it comes to planning out how I want to get ALL THE THINGS in my life done, both practical and self-care-wise.

But even with the structure it provides, I still find myself constantly going back to my trusty old Bullet Journal for things like daily (or whenever I remember and have a minute to jot something down) journaling, lists and collections. I also love my Bullet Journal for it’s ability to let me record phone conversations and meetings (of which there are many) for the peanut’s ASD school supports and planning sessions.

Leuchtturm1917 The Official Bullet Journal - Black, Medium by Leuchtturm1917

Because I’m a stationery nerd, I’m not sure yet if I’m going to continue using Passion Planners going forward, or if it’s time to switch things up again. I’m looking around at a few other pre-designed planners and I have to decide soon since the mid-year ones are all coming available soon. I’ve been looking at the Purposeful Planner , spotted over at Everyday Eyecandy (follow this Instagram btw, it’s freakin gorgeous!) and I’m drooling over it, but the price has me like damn girl, my kids might like to want to go to college someday! But I’m putting it on the list of potential next planners anyways because I’m a planner nerd and a sucker for all things organizing.


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