This is it! I’ve made it! 60 episodes in 60 (ish) days. Will I do 67 in 67 next year? Probably not. Maybe. Will I be questioning my life’s choices this time next year, or whenever season 8 airs? Probably. But for now, the kids have been fed, and are mostly not too sticky, dishes are done, we all have clean clothes to wear tomorrow, and I’m all ready for Season 7 to start. Bring it on!

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Happy to see the direwolf sigil back at Winterfell in the title sequence.

Everything about the King’s Landing portion of this episode is hauntingly beautiful. From the moments of silence when you can only hear the rustling of fabric, jewels and church bells ringing, as everyone prepares for the trial, to the music as the crowds file into the Sept. The tension builds, the music is beautiful, and the story gets more horrifying as each moment passes. Absolutely the most perfect sequence in the entire series. My favourite, hands down.

Cersei’s dress is stunning. Beautiful and cold, just like her.

Having Pycelle killed off was a nice touch too.

Can’t wait to find out how Jaime feels about what his sister did.

That’s right Frey, the Lannisters look down on you too! Suck on that!

And gold will be his shroud.

Sam finally made it to Oldtown! And just as the winter ravens are being released. Winter is finally here.

Sam’s got jokes! Not sure how well that’s going to go over in the Citadel.

Vengeance, Justice, Fire & Blood. Yay season 7!

Frey Pie!

And so begins the Arya Stark murder tour. This is going to be good!

R + L = J

The White Wolf is the King in the North! Woohoo!

And Cersei is Queen in the South, until another more beautiful one comes to take all she holds dear.

Season 7 is going to be bananas!

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