Game of Thrones Tormund HBO

GoT – 60 in 60 – S6. Ep4. Rewatch – Book of the Stranger

Game of Thrones Tormund HBO
Image Credit: HBO

First of all, the relief you feel when Sansa rides through the gate at Castle Black is like a weight lifted off your entire body. The first Stark reunion. Thank the gods.

The look on Tormund’s face when he first spies Brianne, priceless. I need to see them live happily ever after.

Sansa was almost too late, but it turns out she was just in time.

All the lies and half-truths that come out of Baelish’s mouth… incredible.

I’ll thank Baelish for bringing the Lords of the Vale into the wars to come, but that’s all I’ll thank him for.

Tyrion is learning that managing a slave city is very different from managing the small folk and great houses of Westeros.

It’s nice to see Cersei working with the Small Council against the Sparrows.

Ramsay Bolton. Worst. Apple peeler. Ever.

Poor Osha didn’t deserve to die that way.

Love Tormund’s eyebrow waggle xD

I just noticed that Daario is praying as he kneels while he witnesses Daenerys the Unburnt for the first time. I wonder what god he prays to?

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