Jim Henson’s Word Party is the Best Party in Town! (#StreamTeam)

Word Party Netflix Canada

Dear Word Party,

I don’t know who you are, or where you came from, but my son started begging for you the other day and at first I was all like, “why is this child begging for me to let him watch Netflix before school all of a sudden?” But when your Autistic, speech/language delayed son asks for something using ALL THE WORDS, you say yes! And I’m glad I did because apparently Word Party is his new favourite show! And he’s learning a ton of things!

Yes, my son is in grade one. Yes, this is a show meant for kids half his age, but wow, is he ever learning! The kidanimals on this show are in daycare and learn about scheduling/time of day (time for snack, time to play in the park) about healthy foods, reading and vocabulary! I mean, WOW, pretty much every episode of this show is teaching him all the things that I’ve been working with my son on learning to help him succeed in school.


Cooperation, sharing, compassion, feelings… for a child who has historically run about 2 years behind his peers in communication and language milstones, this show is a welcome addition to his Netflix rotation. It’s so refreshing to find a show that he loves that is actually helping him learn the same things we try to teach him as part of his everyday learning opportunities! I know this show probably wasn’t made with Autistic kids in mind, but it’s absolutely perfect for my son.

Now, I know that many people are against letting their kids watch too much Netflix, but for our family, shows like Word Party are learning tools that keep our son engaged in learning in a fun, interesting and interactive way. That’s all good in my book. We’ll be watching all three seasons on a loop for the foreseeable future, and downloading them onto his tablet for when we’re out and about.

Thank you Word Party, and thank you Netflix Canada!


Netflix_StreamTeam_BadgeI’m a member of the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam and receive compensation for these posts in the form of a Netflix membership and streaming device. Of course as always, my opinions are my own. That said, I’m happy to post about Netflix goings-ons because if you know anything about me, it’s that I watch a lot of TV. Like, A LOT. I might have a problem. But I think I’m OK with it.

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