December 2017

This month will go down in history as the Christmas where I thought I was finished Christmas shopping 2 weeks early, only to find myself in not one, but two shopping malls on December 23rd, still shopping.

I will also remember it as the month that I watched the peanut in all his ASD glory, rockin out on stage in his school christmas concert, his stage fright forgotten in all his dancing glory.

I’ll remember this as the month when I finally put my writer hat back on. I mean, not on my blog, obviously, but for others who will actually pay me for my words. That is always a minor miracle. It reminded me that even if I’m too busy to overshare on my blog, I’ll always find time and the courage to share my words with the world.

And finally, I’ll remember it as the month where I once again, stretched myself to my limit, playing at being Wonder Woman for work and family. I almost didn’t make it. But here I am, at the end of 2017, ready to make 2018 my bitch or pass out trying.

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