Coming back here, typing this, feels like sliding into the most comfortable pair of old shoes I own. This past year has been a difficult one for me. Life has been… well… life. And as life does sometimes, it changed me in a way that, in hindsight, was is for the better (i think. i hope).

So, where to begin (again)?

I’ll start off by saying, writer’s block is a bitch. I mean, wow. If nothing else, I can truly say that I lost my voice and could not write a single thing. I have a stack of blog post drafts that probably aren’t half bad. But when you have no voice, everything you write looks (feels) like crap. I felt like everything I tried to type felt forced because I had lost my voice, the words that landed on the page felt like a stranger’s words, and I just couldn’t do it anymore.

So I didn’t.

But I didn’t disappear completely.

This past year I’ve searched for myself and worked really hard at it using my Bullet Journal. I know it sounds weird, but if nothing else, I have always felt the most myself when I take the time to keep a journal/daytimer/diary, whatever you want to call it. And even the simple task of writing out my daily to do list and a page or two on how my day went, reminded me that I knew who I was and where I wanted my life to go each day.

And it helped.

Seriously, the cheapest form of therapy that works for me has always been my trusty journal, no matter how much or how little I write, even if it’s just one or two things on a to-do list, I write.

In addition to journaling, I also stepped up my game in calligraphy, and picked up another new hobby [*sarcasm font*] with all of my super-free time [*/sarcasm font*], watercolor painting. And truth be told, it was the watercolor that opened my eyes and showed me a new path that I never thought could be for me, but turns out, it is and I’m totally doin’ it!

So, with that said, I will end this post by saying, I’m happy to be back and happy to be writing again. Happy to be re-finding my Bliss, and thrilled to be restarting my blog because I sure have missed it here.

Bullet Journal Weekly Layout via PreshusMe

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