Yesterday was the first day of the annual NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) blogging challenge. I’ve participated in the past, many times actually, and I briefly considered doing it again this year since it always helps to kick-start my writing when I need a push to create. But this year I think I’m going to pass.

Having just come out of a full on writer’s block-induced writing drought, I’m thinking that it would be a bad idea to jump into promising to blog 30 times in one month. I’m motivated, but not that motivated!


If you’re a blogger who’s just come through a writer’s block,

don’t over-do your comeback!

I know my limits. Or rather, I’ve learned over the past year when to say no. Weather I’m saying no to volunteering at yet another school or daycare function, or I’m saying no to an extra off-brand writing assignment. If it’s not critical to my family, our goals, or my own personal schedule, then I say no.

For me this means that while I am writing again, I won’t be participating in NabloPoMo. I’ve decided on a schedule for myself so that I can always have time to do the things that are a priority for me. And essentially that means No Computer Time on the Weekends.

My Schedule:

  • Weekdays > Day Job
  • Weeknights > Watercolor practice
  • Saturdays > Watercolor/Calligraphy practice, & housework
  • Sundays > Family Time, more cleaning, grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking

Now, this isn’t to say that my personal schedule isn’t flexible. Life, uh… finds a way*… to get in the way, lol.

No, but seriously, I’ll always make time for life, but my personal schedule is just that. When I manage to carve out a few minutes (sometimes *gasp* up to an hour!) of free-time at the end of a busy day, then my me-time is filled with the things I’m passionate about. And right now for me that’s painting and calligraphy. I may not always have time for writing, painting or calligraphy, but when I’m done adulting for the day, you can bet I’m getting my hands dirty!

I’ll admit, things don’t always run smoothly around here, but when they do, I make sure that I find the time to work my personal schedule into Life’s schedule.

Bullet Journal Weekly Layout Blissdom Week via PreshusMe


*nerd alert! Jurassic Park, Dr. Malcolm reference. Yeah, I did that.

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