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I recently attended the blogging conference Blissdom Canada 2018 and one question that came up during a table discussion I had was how can a person who has limited experience with photo editing software make their blog photos look great? I’ve had experience using all kinds of photo editing software. Photoshop, Illustrator, the software that came with my camera, Google Picasa, Canva, the list goes on and on. Some are expensive (Photoshop) and some, free (Picasa – Now Google Photos). And all things considered, you get what you pay for, in features and ease of use.

For me, PicMonkey is the one photo editing software that I recommended because it is the one that I have found the most useful over the years. With PicMonkey I can quickly edit my photos and make them look great weather I used my cell phone, my fancy Canon DSLR, or my kid’s point and shoot. Full disclosure here, I recently joined their affiliate program so the links I’m about to share will earn me a small commission if you sign up for their paid membership. And while the paid membership gives you access to extra fancy editing tools, they also have a free version that I used for many, many years before I upgraded to the paid version. In fact, probably 90 percent of the photos on my blog have been edited using PicMonkey. Actually, I lied, it’s probably closer to 99% of them since unless the photos were given to me by a paid partner (Netflix, AoL etc.) I probably used PicMonkey to edit them because I generally take all of my blog photos myself. I don’t use stock photos.

All that to say, PicMonkey is my go-to photo editing software that I always recommend to my friends, both IRL and of the bloggy variety.

Here is an example of a picture I took last night at my poorly lit cubby of a desk last night.


It’s rotated the wrong way, not cropped, kind of pinkish/yellow in color, and just a perfect example of wow, does this woman even know how to take pictures for social media? Probably not because, wow.

And here, after less than 10 minutes in PicMonkey, is a perfectly bloggable, pinnable, Instagrammable shot that I’m probably going to Instagram and Pin right after I hit publish on this post.

Holly Holiday Card via PreshusMe

So, if you’re looking for easy online photo editing software I recommend giving PicMonkey a whirl.

Get your pics groovin' in no time at all with PicMonkey

And, incidentally, I went slightly overboard hand making my Christmas cards this year and have a few more than I actually need for my Christmas Card list. If you’d like some the extras are for sale in my Etsy shop @StudioTilley.

Holly Holiday Card 2 via PreshusMe

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