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My Top 6 Favourite Game of Thrones Podcasts #ForTheRealm

But actually, winter is already here! Or at least it will be in about 6 months!

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Earlier this week HBO dropped the news that the final season of Game of Thrones will air in April of 2019 and I damn near lost my mind! I can’t tell you how excited I am for this final season, we’re finally (finally!) going to get answers (I hope!) for ALL the questions we have about EVERYTHING in the show!

The main question being, who will still be alive at the end?

I think the survivors will be Cersei (but maybe not because of that prophecy), Jon, Arya, Tyrion, probably Sansa, and maybe Bran (even though he’s the reason why we can’t have nice things). I’m probably wrong about half of these people, but that’s part of the fun of this show. Anyone can die.

To prepare for the return of the show I’ve set up a schedule for myself to re-watch the first 7 seasons that will get me to April. Basically, there’s enough time to watch all 7 seasons if I watch 1 episode every other day between now and then, which will also leave me with a couple of weeks at the end to binge/get caught up if I fall behind, which I probably will.

On my rewatch off days I’ll be listening to all of my favourite Game of Thrones podcasts for the deep dives into each of the episodes. I only started listening to podcasts a couple of years ago, so for most of my favourites, the back catalogue of GoT episode reviews will be new to me.

Fun times!

My Top 6 Favourite Game of Thrones Podcasts:

  1. Storm of Spoilers – Hosted by Joanna Robinson (Vanity Fair), Dave Gonzales (Fighting in the War Room), and Neil Miller (Film School Rejects), these three are at the top of the list of my favorite podcasters. I’ll pretty much listen to any episode these three put out. Even with GoT off the air for a thousand years at this point, their *whispers* Off Season Tour *whispers* episodes have been absolutely delightful. Important to note, as the podcast name suggests, Storm of Spoilers is full of spoilers for Game of Thrones, including rumors, and production spoilers. They do keep a non-spoilery section at the front end of most of their episodes so that you can avoid spoilers and go back and listen to them once you’ve seen an episode or season all the way to the end if that’s your jam.
  2. A Cast of Kings – Also Hosted by Joanna Robinson with co-Host Dave Chen (The Slashfilmcast), This is a non-spoiler Game of Thrones Podcast that is also delightful listening for your earholes.
  3. Game of Microphones & House Podcastica – I’ve put these two podcasts together because they started as one production with hosts Duncan and Jason. Their back catalogue of episodes cover all the early GoT episodes with hosts that are insightful and funny. Currently Game of Microphones is being led by Duncan while House Podcastica is being run by former Game of Microphones co-host Kristin. Both podcasts are currently reviewing old episodes from the beginning, so if you’re getting caught up or doing a re-watch like I am, all of their episodes are pure gold.
  4. Game of Thrones Podcast by Bald Move – Hosted by Jim and A.Ron, these (slightly sweary) guys have a crapton of thoughts about the entire Game of Thrones universe. One of the most popular TV podcasting duos out there, these guys cover a wide ranging set of topics while reviewing each episode. If you don’t mind all the swears, this podcast is a good resource for all things GoT.
  5. Game of Thrones Weekly by Entertainment Weekly Magazine – Hosted by EW’s James Hibberd and Darren Franich, this podcast is full of you-can’t-find-it-anywhere-else-information because of the fact that James gets to spend time touring the sets and interviewing the actors and production crew. This podcast is full of behind the scenes information, which the TV & movie nerd in me loves.

Are you watching or re-watching Game of Thrones? Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re most looking forward to in season 8!

Also, I blogged about the first 6 seasons during my last rewatch before season 7 aired. I watched 60 episodes in 60 days. That was a bit much, which is why one episode every other day works just fine for me this time around. Thanks for the 6 month heads up HBO!

Image Source: HBO ~ Don’t get too attached! Almost everybody dies.

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