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Once upon a time I created a form letter to Santa for my then 4-year-old son who was in Jr. Kindergarten and just learning how to write. I thought of giving him a blank sheet of paper and telling him to just write what he wanted Santa to bring him, but then I thought something a bit more structured might work better for him.

Fast forward to, well, yesterday, and it’s time for my kids to write their letters to Santa once again.

To be honest, though, my then 4yo, now 9yo is on the verge of being too old to believe in Santa, but he’s not quite ready to give up the awesome gift Santa brings him every year. So I don’t know that he’ll be into writing a letter to this year.


His little brother who is 7 and in grade 2 struggles with writing his thoughts on paper. His Autism makes it harder for him to keep up with his peers in the writing department. So this template is just the thing for him! It will be the first year that he’ll be able to write his letter to Santa himself. (His brother has always done it for him in past years, he’s the best big brother!). I think both my boys are going to enjoy this newly updated version of his big brother’s original letter to Santa.


I took a look at the old form I created a million years ago in PicMonkey

Then I recreated the form and updated the graphics, made them fancy, and more inclusive…

Do you love my elf? Because I love her! <3

Updated PicMonkey Elf Lady by

And a few more gentle tweaks and VOILA! A fresh new Letter to Santa for my littles!

Happy Holidays to me!

And to you because I’m adding it as a free download for you to use too!
(click the link below to download it)

Download: Preschooler Letter to Santa via Preshusmedotcom

Primary School Letter to Santa via

If you live in Canada, mail your letter to Santa via Canada Post to:

Santa Claus

North Pole HOH OHO


Include your return address on the envelope and mail it before December 17th and Santa will write back!


*disclosure, this is not a sponsored post. I just love PicMonkey and Santa 🙂
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