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One week to go until Christmas and I’m so glad I got ahead of the Christmas gift shopping because it left me with plenty of time to DIY my Holiday Cards this year! I’ve never thought of myself as the DIY type of crafty person, but it seems that I pretty much am since I’ve been churning out handmade Christmas Cards for weeks now (and by “churning” I mean I can get 4 to 6 new cards made in the evenings between “mom, what are we having for dinner” and “but I’m not sleepy!” aka, bedtime). I’m really enjoying working with my hands, making art, and soothing my soul.

Do you make your own Christmas cards? This is the first time I’ve taken on a DIY project this big that so many people will see/receive. Last year I addressed all of my Christmas Card envelopes in calligraphy, that was quite the experience. The years before that I created Custom Photo Gift Tags using old Santa photos of the kids and PicMonkey.


If you’re thinking of making your own cards, here are the steps I used to make mine.

I start off by trimming a page of Canson XL Cold Press 140lb Cold Press Watercolor paper. This paper comes in a pad of 9 x 12 sheets that I trim in half and fold each half to make 4.5 x 6 inch cards. I score the card down the centre (makes it easier to fold neatly)  but wait until the paint is dry before I fold them in half so the wet paint doesn’t run.

Then, I scour Pinterest for ideas on card designs. I paint simple designs using watercolor paints and accent the images with Sharpie Markers in metallic silver and gold, as well as with a black Pigma Micron .03 pen.

The hardest part is the painting because I’m still learning how to paint with watercolors, but honestly these cards were so easy to make I ended up with way more than I needed because I was having so much fun making them. You can decorate them with any holiday themed drawing or lettering message that tickles your fancy.

Will you be making your own DIY Holiday cards this year?

Have I lost my mind cause ain’t nobody got time for arts and crafts at this time of year? (lol, probably!)

Are the people on my gift and card giving list this year going to be hella impressed? They’d better, I’m working really hard on these!

Yup, I decorated the envelopes too!

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