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Hi! My name is Tilley 🙂 *waves*

These are the adventures of an introverted nerdy black girl (did you say that line in your best Captain Picard voice? I did…) who also happens to be a wife and an Autism mom with a 9 – 5 job just trying to keep it all together.

I believe that the most important thing a woman can do is to take care of herself first. Life is hard, and the more we can do to take care of ourselves, the more of ourselves we have to give to others. My family is happiest when I’m happy.

This blog and it’s contents make me happy.

Self-care is the phrase that pays around here and the primary purpose of this little blog. I give my family and my day job 90%, and keep 10% for myself, right here.

Follow my random adventures as I show off my mad organizing skills, and watch (read?) as I take up an old hobby (calligraphy) and pick up a new one (watercolour art), and pursue my love of a good story through book, movie and TV reviews.

My primary purpose here is to make this space a smart-parent’s guide to taking care of yourself in the nerdiest way possible. Hopefully, you’ll find something interesting here that might inspire you to take care of yourself, and by extension, your family.

On my little blog you’ll find tips for staying organized around the house, how (and why!) to use a pen and paper journal system to stay on top of things,  book, TV, and movie reviews, as well as my progress as I work on my hobbies which include calligraphy and watercolor art. Like I said, I’m pretty nerdy.

I’ll also share my adventures as an autism mom to the peanut who lights up my life, and his brother, a neurotypical kid who asks more questions than any human I’ve ever met.

Welcome to my corner of the internet.

Read my blog and I promise to…

  • Share my story
  • Be funny
  • Be smart
  • Be helpful
  • Be honest


A blogger since 2004, I’ve been chronicling my life through many changes, from career woman, to girlfriend, to wife to motherhood and beyond. I’m a mother to two boys, one of whom is on the Autism spectrum. I’m living on a “my child is in daycare and all my money goes to paying fees” budget. Ask me how fun that is. Most days you can find me at my day job, helping people much smarter than myself to stay organized. When I’m not busy keeping smart people organized, you can find me watching Star Trek reruns and binge re-watching Walking Dead and Game of Thrones episodes while I paint or practice calligraphy in a small corner of my living room. It has been a long and winding road and blogging gives me a way to explore and share all the things that make me happy. It also gives me a way to record the little things in life because my memory isn’t what it used to be. Sleep deprivation is a bitch.

Contact me at preshusme at gmail dot com.

Peace out.

Word up.

or however you’re supposed to end these things.

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