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Looking for my next journal

While I do love my Bullet Journal for the sheer flexibility of the system, I’ve been using the Passion Planner since October and I have found that it has given me some focus when it comes to planning out how I want to get ALL THE THINGS in my life done, both practical and self-care-wise.

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What’s on your watch list? (#StreamTeam)

I used to have a bedside table full of books to read. Now I have a Netflix to-watch list a mile long.

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Binge watch ALL THE THINGS! (#StreamTeam)

I’ve had some time on my hands this month so I’ve spent a lot (like, A LOT) of time on the couch watching a ton of Netflix. Here are a few shows I discovered that you should go ahead and put on your to-watch list. Trust me.

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Netflix Has Parents Covered ~ Happy New Year! (#StreamTeam)

Browsing on the web today and a lot of what I see on parent websites is all about how to have a great New Year’s […]

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It’s the Season to be Hosting

While turkey is our main holiday dish, in the past we’ve also had roasted ham with pineapple and applesauce glaze. One of these days I’d also really like to try cooking a pot roast. I think I need to set it as a goal in 2017 to try to make one for myself so I’ll have the perfect party hosting trifecta of meals to make.

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5 Shows to Watch on Netflix if Gilmore Girls Ain’t Your Jam (#StreamTeam)

Yeah, so I was never the target demographic for the Gilmore Girls. It never really interested me. Something about a single mom and her daughter […]

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Making A List… Checking My WOW Guide Twice (#sponsored)

The holiday season is sneaking up on me and one thing is for certain, I have way too many people on my gift giving list. […]

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Netflix Canada New Fall TV Show Roundup (#StreamTeam)

In new TV seasons past I have opted to stick with the shows already in my rotation because, frankly, this mom’s a busy girl and […]

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