Calligraphy, Pursuit of Happiness

Why Calligraphy?

Why Calligraphy? Of all the different art forms I’ve studied and practiced over the years, calligraphy combines two of my favourite things. Writing and art. […]

Calligraphy, Pursuit of Happiness

A Post in Pen and Ink

Seriously though, writing with a dip pen is my new favourite thing. You can’t backspace or delete, spelling mistakes are forever, and smudges are a […]

Calligraphy, Pursuit of Happiness

Anatomy of an F

As I continue to attempt to improve my cursive handwriting, I’m determined to get some good practice time in each week. Today is Friday and […]

Book Review, Bullet Journal, Calligraphy, Pursuit of Happiness

The one where a new pen makes a book review less painful

Falling way behind on where I’d like to be with my cursive practice. I’ve been trying to get better with my handwriting, but it’s hit […]

Calligraphy, I Write, Pursuit of Happiness

New hobby ~ Spencerian Penmanship

As if I’m not busy enough as it is, in addition to picking up calligraphy again, I’ve also discovered the Spencerian System of Practical Penmanship […]

Book Review, Calligraphy, Pursuit of Happiness, TV Review


Currently Watching: Battlestar Galatica One of my favouite shows. Re-watching it for the third? fourth time? A good old-fashioned space opera with a beautiful soundtrack […]

Calligraphy, Pursuit of Happiness

Calligraphy Practice

One thing about having sisters that get you is that every now and then, they see into your heart and soul and get you a […]

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