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How much fight?

Why did the world turn me into a warrior for my son, when his short lifetime could have been perfectly normal, if the rest of the world could have just woken up, and listened to every other warrior mom who came before me?

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Me + Calligraphy = Priority

An old hobby that is my current passion. It’s calming, it’s beautiful, it’s an art form, it’s fun, it probably lowers my blood pressure which I’ve been told is a “little high” (v.alarming), and it lets me indulge in my obsession/passion that is my love for all things stationery!

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I’m all about the #MomSneak (#StreamTeam)

And then I laugh at myself and stop judging myself because I’m nothing if not master of finding “me time” to watch my shows. Netflix calls it #MomSneak, but honestly, I call it SURVIVAL!

Pursuit of Happiness, TV Review

GoT – 60 in 60 – S6. Ep8. Rewatch – No One

Go Hound! Finally, a street preacher on Tyrion’s side. Where’s Varys off too? Dorne I’m guessing. She always chooses violence. Now there’s the look of […]

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