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2019 Bullet Journal Planning

The first step in setting up a new bullet journal is to make a plan for how to set everything up before you put pen to paper. Planning in advance helps to keep your book organized in a way that is logical for the way that YOU use it.

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Book Review: The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll

This book is a fantastic manual for using a Bullet Journal for getting and staying organized.

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Knowing My Limits ~ Life’s Schedule

Having just come out of a full on writer’s block-induced writing drought, I’m thinking that it would be a bad idea to jump into promising to blog 30 times in one month. I’m motivated, but not that motivated!

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New blog post, who dis?

The cheapest form of therapy that works for me has always been my trusty journal, no matter how much or how little I write, even if it is just one or two things on a to-do list, I write.

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Looking for my next journal

While I do love my Bullet Journal for the sheer flexibility of the system, I’ve been using the Passion Planner since October and I have found that it has given me some focus when it comes to planning out how I want to get ALL THE THINGS in my life done, both practical and self-care-wise.

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How to Start a Simple Bullet Journal

Your Bullet Journal can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Here are some tips on how I set up my Simple Bullet Journal.

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Today’s ToDo List

I can’t live without a to do list. Well, I can, but it isn’t my preferred way of living. Life moves so fast that I’m […]

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My Bullet Journal – Monthly Spread – May

It’s that time of month again. And for a planner nerd like me the end of one months brings the dawn of a new monthly […]

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